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The Steering Committee Collected more than 350 surveys during October and November, 2022.

  • 60% of respondents are from Ashfield, 40% from other communities

  • 81% of respondents indicated that they would consider becoming member-owners

  • 109 respondents signed up to serve as volunteers to help with fundraising, building clean-up and rehabilitation

Some of the high level results are below! We're using this information to develop our Nonprofit Community Center application and our Coop Cafe business plan. Want to fill out the survey yourself? Click here! 

If not Ashfield, where are you from? 
How often would you visit Elmer's?
What would be your most likely usage for a new Elmer's business?

(People could choose more than one option) 

Most likely usage.png
when would you visit elmer's.png
When you be most likely to visit Elmer's?
What ETHICS are most important to you in an organization / business?
What's most important to you when picking a restaurant or cafe?
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