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Who should become an Elmer’s member? YOU! 

Members are people from near and far who love Elmer’s. EVERYONE will be welcome to be a customer at the restaurant or attend events, whether they are a member or not. Members will get special benefits, and will help support and sustain Elmer’s long term.

Member Benefits

  • One custom mug per individual or family membership. (Mugs will be available for pickup at Elmer's later this spring!)

  • Receive a 10% discount on private event reservations once the building re-opens

  • Your name(s) will be included on a list of members online and at Elmer's! 

  • Attend a members-only annual community celebration where we will listen to good music, eat good food, celebrate the volunteers who have sustained Elmer’s during the year. 

  • Vote in the election for new Board Members

  • Receive regular updates about news and events at Elmer's, including opportunities for volunteer opportunities

Cost to Join

We hope that all who are able will contribute the membership fee, since proceeds will go directly towards final renovations and getting the building and kitchen back open! However, we ALSO want to make sure that anyone who wants is able to become a member of Elmer's.

  • The full cost for a lifetime membership is $99 for individuals and $199 for families.

  • The membership form has sliding scale options as low as $10 (individual) and $25 (family). Choose what works for you! 

  • If you donated previously and want to count your donation towards your membership, you can request that option on the membership form. (All requests for this option will be honored.) 


The current Elmer's Board is: 

Ariel Brooks, President

Kath McCusker, Treasurer

Elizabeth Gray, Clerk

Matthew Glassman

Rob Lizotte

Derek Matias 

Nan Parati

Dave Russo 

Delta Carney, while not an official board member, was on the steering committee,

and has continued to be a critical planning partner and lead volunteer since! 

You can reach the board by emailing:

The following amazing volunteers have helped out with advice fundraising, work parties and events to date (Sept 7, 2023)! 

Abby Straus

Adams Donuts

Alex Osterman 

Alia Woofenden

Amy Shapiro 

Andrea Caluouri

Anne and Nathaniel Brooks

Annie Cheatham

April West

Asa Gilmartin

Ashfield Band

Austin Riley

Barb Sussbauer

Bill Perlman

Betsy Burnett

Bob Markey 

Brendon, Kelan, Laurelyn, and Pepin Wildermuth

Bree Demers

Brekton Drougs

Bruno Bouissiere

Buz Eisenberg

Cassandra Haffner

Carlos Uriona 

Carol Lebold

Carole Groman

Cass Nawrocki

Cynthia Dean

Dan Frank 

Daniel Miner

David Knowles

David Kulp

David Weiland

Delta Carney

Ellen Morrison

Eric Lehan

Esther Coler

Evan Barth 

First Congregational Congregation

Hannah Jarrell

Heather Gray

Irene Branson

Jane Barish




Jane Willis

Jeremy Goldsher

Jill Gilbreth 

Jim Cutler 

Joan Gemme

Julia Graham

Kathy Dean

Kelibeth Resto

Kipper Deutsch

Kristen Baker

Lauren Mills

Liam McCusker

Luann Lord

Lyle Gray

Manfred and Christina Gabriel

Marcine Eisenberg

Mary Link

Mel & Leo Fallon

Nate Russell

Nicole Drury

Nina Coler

Phil Pless

Rachel Hinkel-Wang

Ray Gray

Rich Schroder

Ricki Carrol

Rob Taft

Robert Zeller

Sage Franetovich

Sally Yates

Sam Perkins 

Sarah Jetzon

Sarah Johnson

Sheila Graves

St John's Congregation

Talia Miller

Tim Reilly 

Tara Brewster

Chris, William, Stuart, Maggie, Elizabeth, Richard and Joseph Gray

Walt Cudnohufsky

Zac Chapman

NOTE: SO many people have helped withe project in many and varied ways!

If we left you off the list, please email us at We'd love to add you! 

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